Encounters in Art III 2019 in English

Encounters in Art III – Art and the Body in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts

Joensuu, 28–30 November 2019
Joensuu City Theatre, Great Stage / Art Center Ahjo

We wish you warmly welcome to the third national Encounters in Art seminar (suomenkielinen ohjelma täällä). Our theme this year is the body in multilingual and multicultural contexts, especially community arts and language education. Art as a line on paper, the movement of dance, or the rhythm of music is the product of embodied action. It gives an opportunity to deal with subjective feelings, observations and sensations free from the rules of rational thinking and reflective knowledge. At its best, art offers new ways of connecting with the self, with other people and the world.

Our invited speakers on Friday are professor of dance pedagogy and leader of the Arts@School research group of the ArtsEqual project Eeva Anttila from the University of the Arts Helsinki, and leader of the project Crossing Borders, professor of applied linguistics Sari Pöyhönen from the University of Jyväskylä. On Saturday, the program continues with talks, interactive posters and workshops by scholars and artists.

The seminar will be conducted bilingually in Finnish and English. It is open to the public and aimed especially for community artists, researchers, and actors in the arts, culture, wellbeing and education in the public and third sectors. Please register for the seminar by 25 Nov by filling in the form below!


Thursday 28.11. Polar Bears’ Winter Swimming Center (Mäntyniementie 1, Joensuu)

19.30–21 Sauna seminar (Ryhti-sauna): Programme by the moving community artist and dancer Minni Hirvonen.

Free transportation available after the Lonely in the Rain performance Muistikuvia at around 19.00 from Näyttämö (Pilkontie 7). The sauna will accommodate the first 15 participants who sign up.

Friday 29.11. Joensuun City Theater, big stage (Rantakatu 20)

10.00–10.15 Welcome / TUMATA ja Joensuun kaupunginteatteri
10.15–11.30 Selviytyjät [Survivors] forum theater performance
11.30–12.30 Lunch (self-funded)
12.30–13.30 Kielellinen ja kehollinen toisen asemaan asettuminen ilmaisuyhteisössä – Stepping into someone’s shoes in a hybrid community of artistic expression / Sari Pöyhönen
13.30–14.30 Kohtaamisia liikkeessä [Encounters in motion] / Eeva Anttila
14.30–15.00 Keskustelu ja päivän päätös

Lauantai 30.11. Taidekeskus Ahjo (Kirkkokatu 23)

09.30–09.35 Tervetulosanat / TUMATA
09.30-10.00 Kehollisen toiminnan ohjaaminen sosiaalisen sirkuksen jongleerausharjoituksissa [Guiding embodied action in social circus workshops] / Niina Lilja
10.00-10.30 Ryhmäytyminen teatteriharjoituksissa [Group development at theater rehearsals] / Marjo Savijärvi
10.30-11.00 Russian poetry in body language: Embodied interpretation of the spoken word in a multicultural context / Katia Shklyar
11.00–11.45 Workshop: Demonstraatio yhteisömuusikon työstä Kuopion alueen hoivalaitoksissa [A demonstration on a community musician’s work at care centers in the Kuopio area] / Antti Raekallio
11.45-12.15 Lunch break: Bring your own lunch! Coffee and tea on the house.
12.15–12.45 Interactive poster presentations
12.45–13.30 Workshop: Uhanalaisen vähemmistökielen varhennettu toiminnallinen kielenopetus [Early action-based language teaching of an endangered minority language] / Timoi Munne
13.30–14.00 Seminar movers’ summary of the seminar

Kohti liikkumisen ja rajojen ylittämisen kokemuksia [Towards experiences of mobility and border crossings] / Tuulikki Kurki ja Päivi Saarelma (Kadonnut kinnas)
Kehollinen osallisuus ja monikielinen neuvottelu yhteisötaidekontekstissa [Embodied participation and negotiation in a community art context] / Heli Paulasto (TUMATA)

Bonus workshop: A somatic sound journey in Ahjo at 14.00-15.30
Acoustic Body Workshop – The body as a compass / Catarina Brazao & Markus Pesonen. Experiential workshop that incorporates somatic awareness exercises and immersive sound to stimulate the central nervous system and reconnect the body and psyche.

Starting c. 20.30: informal seminar after-party at the Theater Club of the Joensuu City Theater (Rantakatu 20; self-funded)

The seminar is scheduled to combine with the program of the festival Lonely in the Rain so that seminar participants will also be able to explore the theme of the body through contemporary dance performances.

The seminar is organized in Joensuu by the North Karelian project Investigative and enabling art (TuMaTa) in collaboration with the Polkuja teatteriin community art project of the Joensuu City Theatre and the Lonely in the Rain contemporary dance festival. Other collaborators are the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Contacts research area at the University of Eastern Finland, Taikusydän, Art Center Ahjo, and the North Karelian Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have and hope to see you at the seminar!

Anna Logren, Heli Paulasto & Minni Hirvonen (TuMaTa): anna.logren(at)uef.fi, heli.paulasto(at)uef.fi, minni.hirvonen(at)gmail.com
Merja Pennanen (Joensuu City Theatre): merja.pennanen(at)joensuu.fi


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