Encounters in Art (Programme in English)

Seminar Encounters of research and art in multicultural and multilingual communities
(Ohjelma suomeksi täällä)

Friday 17 November 2017 at 9.00-17.00
Art Center Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland

Art has societal impact which takes many forms. There is also an increasing number of projects in Finland which combine art and science.

We are delighted to invite you to the national seminar Encounters in Art, aimed at community artists and researchers, third sector actors in the field of arts and culture, as well as anyone interested. The central theme of the seminar is linguistic and cultural diversity; its roles, manifestations and promotion in projects carried out through community-oriented art.

We would like to open up discussion on the following topics, among others:

  • What kinds of ethical and methodological challenges are involved in the planning, implementation and study of multicultural and multilingual art and culture projects?
  • How is language interaction carried out – through a lingua franca, interpretation, various contexts of language use, acquisition, maintenance/revitalization – and what kinds of practical or research-related perspectives does it involve?
  • What is the role and task of the different community members, artists and art itself in these projects?

The invited speakers are PhD Gretel Taylor, University of Melbourne, and PhD Liisa Raevaara, University of Helsinki. The programme will also include a presentation by the North Karelian project Researching and Enabling Art (TuMaTa).


09.15    Introduction (Anna Logrén & Heli Paulasto)
09.30    Liisa Raevaara: Taide kohtaamisissa: tutkijat, taiteentekijät ja teatteriprojekti [The art in the encounters: researchers, artists, and a theatre project]
10.30    Kahvitauko
10.45    Riitta-Liisa Joutsenlahti: Hoilaillen – suomen kieltä ja kulttuuria laulaen [Finnish language and culture through singing]
11.15    Tuija Saresma: Crossing Borders – Artistic Practices in Performing and Narrating Belonging
11.45    Discussion
12.00    Lunch break
13.00    Gretel Taylor: Towards an art of co-presence: building creative and embodied bridges across difference
14.00    Vallan kahva; Anna Logrén & Heli Paulasto: Taiteen ja kielen neuvottelu Able Art Group II:ssa [Negotiating art and language at Able Art Group II]
15.00   Coffee break
15.30    Hanna Lantto: Becoming an active Basque speaker during the Bilbao Festival week
16.00    Elina Koskelainen: Taidekollektiivi Liiketilan kielitrilogia [The language trilogy by art collective Liiketila]
16.30    Final discussion
17.00    The seminar closes

Poster presentation: Sari Karttunen: Toinen koti – dokumenttiteatteriprojekti (ArtsEqual) [Other home – documentary theatre project]

The seminar is conducted bilingually; if a presentation is in Finnish, there will be an English language abstract available, and vice versa. The seminar is free of charge and open to the public.

In order to promote discussion and the visibility of academic research in society, the seminar will be held at Art Centre Ahjo as part of the ‘Lonely in the Rain?’ festival of contemporary dance by the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland. The seminar is organized by the TuMaTa-project in collaboration with the Doctoral Programme in Social and Cultural Encounters (SCE) and the research area of Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters (BOMOCULT) at the University of Eastern Finland.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have and hope to see you in Ahjo!

Anna, Heli & Minni
anna.logren (at) uef.fi (PhD, sociology of art)
heli.paulasto (at) uef.fi (PhD, English linguistics)
minni.hirvonen (at) gmail.com (dance instructor UAS, Able Art Group)


SCE Doctoral Programme: http://www.uef.fi/en/web/dpsce
BOMOCULT: https://www.uef.fi/en/web/guest/research/the-borders-mobilities-and-cultural-encounters
Lonely in the Rain? http://itak.fi/lonely_in_the_rain
Art Centre Ahjo: http://www.taidekeskusahjo.net/Eng/index.htm