The original idea of AAG II was to be a link in the chain of welcoming refugees and immigrants to the Joensuu region. The first rehearsals started in 2015 in Reijola, but since the idea faced too many practical difficulties, it was broadened to a more general multicultural theme. After this, we began to apply for funding for the project TuMaTa. Researching and enabling art (TuMaTa, Tutkiva ja Mahdollistava Taide) was launched to anticipate Able Art Group II. AAG II and TuMaTa have gone hand in hand ever since.

Now that AAG II has been running from last autumn in Hurma’s venue, it has found its shape. The weekly rehearsals remind me of a wonderland: a way to be together in the art zone. Each time I have been amazed at the creativity that AAG II elicits in the participants. This is communality with and without languages, cultures or other attributes. The rehearsals are a place for freedom from backgrounds and nationalities – yet everyone has a story of her or his own. The group is open for everyone including us few Finns participating in it.

This kind of getting together is something I believe will have a huge potential in future. This entails meeting new people, gaining ideas and creating together in the art zone where the only rule is that you need to be free from your other life commitments for a couple of hours: to be present. This is something to be supported.

Ilona Raunola
One of the starting forces of TuMaTa
Cultural anthropology


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